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    Aiming to be international leaders in the technological revolution using distributed ledger technologies (DLT).

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Who are we?

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and FinTech (BCF) Research Group includes prominent academic members from various university faculties and departments which include the Newcastle Business School, Law School, Faculty of Engineering and Environment and Faculty of Arts, Design and Social Sciences.

We have extensive links with a highly diverse set of partners within various industries, particularly finance and high-tech, both nationally and internationally. In addition, we collaborate with various publics sector bodies, departments and ministries on a global scale.

What we offer


BCF is engaged in pioneering research regarding applications of blockchain technology.


We offer consultancy and advisory services for those interested in implementing blockchain technology into their business or organisation.

Applied Industry Projects

With our extensive and diverse links in industry and academia, BCF has the ability to solve commercial problems throughout a range of industries.


We offer comprehensive training to companies and their employees, focusing on the applications of these emerging technologies.